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S.E.T.I. live in Berlin 26th April 2014 – video

May 2, 2014

Here you will find the gig video recorded by Jean-Yves Millet (thank you). 3D stills mapped by Pete Woodhead – thanks also to Pete! This is part one. Parts two and three should automatically follow in the playlist…thanks to a great audience, to the LOKI and Raubbau Rising guys for organising everything and to Marco for the live audio control.SETI_Berlin_260414

Video alert! S.E.T.I. live at Phobos IV

November 6, 2012

S.E.T.I. performance at Phobos IV Festival, Sophienkirche, Wuppertal, November 3rd 2012. With thanks to Martin Phelios for organisation and camerawork and Yukari Lagowski for logistical support.

S.E.T.I. live at ‘Fire!’ – Ipswich Town Hall Gallery One – 5th July 2012.

July 7, 2012

S.E.T.I. ‘Baikal’ excerpts here….

November 3, 2011

S.E.T.I. ‘Baikal’ excerpts here
and video prep stills for the December gig below

New S.E.T.I. album ‘Baikal’ available for pre-order

October 9, 2011

If you visit the Deep Audio website, you can pre-order the new S.E.T.I. ‘Baikal’ album. There is also a link to a promo video. The limited box set (100 copies), which includes a ‘Baikal’ T-Shirt, is shown below.
S.E.T.I. 'Baikal' box set

From Earth to Sirius – Zoharum Double Compilation CD

July 3, 2011

This new double cd compilation has been released by Zoharum from Poland. Featuring exclusive tracks by S.E.T.I., Phelios, Ah Cama-Sotz, Zenial and a host of others. It’s packaged in a beautifully designed gatefold digipack and is dedicated to Robert Anton Wilson.

S.E.T.I. ‘Corona’ now for download

February 15, 2010

Available now here for instant download 🙂

S.E.T.I. live in Leipzig, Jan 17th 2009

November 29, 2008
S.E.T.I. @ Sonic Lodge Leipzig

S.E.T.I. @ Sonic Lodge Leipzig

SONIC LODGE presents

S.E.T.I. [england]
andrew lagowski’s ultimate ambient atmospheres and crystal space soundtrack

PHELIOS [deutschland]
deep atmospheric drones and mesmerizing walls of sound




datum: 17.01.2009
einlass: 20.00 uhr
beginn: 21.00 uhr
eintritt: 10 eur pp.

location: café neubau/club weezie, galerie für zeitgenössische kunst,
karl-tauchnitz-str.9, 04107 leipzig

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