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Berlin – Over and out

June 27, 2004

Well, after many hours of work, my S.E.T.I. performance in Berlin has been and gone. It went very well and the sound system was very good – many thanks to Stefan from for the incredible amount of hard work he did in setting this whole thing up. He was let down by many people along the way but still managed to bring it all together somehow. Not sure how the Laibach copy bands fared because while they were busy bashing their drums and showing off their WW2 outfits, I was already on the way to the airport.

The event was video recorded and a DAT was made of each act, so I hope to be able to share some of the sights and sounds with you lot soon!

Next on the output stage will probably be the S.E.T.I. & Si_COMM ‘Hyperlanguage’ recordings for Resonance FM. Conceptually devised by Si_COMM, this will be an extension to the ‘Probe’ concept of mankind’s adaptation for space and the future.

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