Nagamatzu ‘Lift Off’ 12″ e.p. 1987 Motorcade/Cade 1T
Lagowski ‘Nadir‘ (originally cassette) 1988 Motorcade/Cade 2C
Lustmord ‘Heresy’ C.D. 1990 Soleilmoon/Sol 9 (engineer/sampling)
Lagowski ‘Lagowski 1990′ (cass) 1990 Mystery Hearsay
Lagowski ‘Vermilion’ 12″ e.p. 4/92 Chromium Industries/ XING 224
Lagowski ‘Storms‘ 12″ e.p. 5/92 Minus Habens/MHR015
S.E.T.I. ‘Vector’ 12″ e.p. (white label) 5/92 Deltra/Dandy 001
Lagowski ‘Formant‘ 12″ e.p. 6/92 Chromium Ind. XING 225
TAT ‘Psychological Warfare Technology Systems’ C.D. 7/92 Para Goric/PA01 (engineer/sampling)
Lagowski ‘Toxality‘ (mini C.D.) 11/92 Minus Habens/MHCD010
S.E.T.I. ‘Radio Signals‘ 12″ e.p. 11/92 Disturbance/DIS 002
Legion ‘False Dawn‘ C.D. 12/92 Hyperium/391 00402
Lagowski ‘Blue Sparks‘ 12″ e.p. 1/93 Chromium Ind. XING 227
Isolrubin B.K. ‘Crash Injury Trauma’ C.D.3/93 Soleilmoon/SOL 12 CD (engineer/sampling)
Lagowski ‘Artificial‘ 12″ e.p. 5/93 Disturbance/DIS 006
Legion ‘Die Datenschleuder‘ C.D. 3/94 Hyperium/391 0098 2
Lagowski ‘Europa’ 12″ e.p. 4/94 G.P.R./GENP(X)24 E.P
Legion ‘Tunnelvision’ (LTD 7″) 4/94 Syntactic TRIP 04
Lagowski ‘Europa’ Reprised 12″ e.p. 6/94 G.P.R./GENP(R)24 E.P.
Lagowski ‘Europa Reprised‘ C.D. e.p. 6/94 G.P.R./GENP(R)CD24
Lagowski ‘In the Steel Room’ 12″ e.p. 8/94 G.P.R./GENP(X)30 E.P.
Lagowski ‘In the Steel Room‘ C.D. e.p. 8/94 G.P.R./GENP(X)CD30
Lagowski ‘Wire Science’ C.D. 12/94 TEQM93002
S.E.T.I. ‘Knowledge’ 12″ e.p. 1/95 Ash Int./Ash 2.3
S.E.T.I. ‘Knowledge‘ C.D. (inc. extra 14’00”) 3/95 Ash Int./Ash 2.3
Lagowski ‘Prismatic‘ C.D. 9/95 Hypnotism/HT04
S.E.T.I. ‘The Geometry of Night‘ 7/96 incoming!
Legion ‘Leviathan‘ 12/96 Side Effects DFX 24
S.E.T.I./Lagowski ‘Live in Wien’ 8″ ltd edition (40 copies) 10/96 Syntactic Jade 32
Lagowski ‘Ashita‘ C.D. 9/97 Side Effects DFX 20
S.E.T.I. ‘Live in Rostock/Berlin’ C.D. 2/98 (ltd. ed. 100 copies) S.E.T.I. 01
S.E.T.I. ‘Polar Wind‘ 7″ (recorded 1996) 3/99 (ltd. ed. 100 copies) Klanggalerie gg1
S.E.T.I. ‘Above Black‘ C.D. 10/98 Ash Int. (R.I.P.) Ash M31
Lagowski ‘TZ‘ CD 10/99 Noise Museum nm072041
S.E.T.I. ‘Pod’ CD 7/00 Ash Int. (R.I.P.) Ash 4.6
S.E.T.I. ‘Light Shift’ (Live in Brussels, 29 April 2000) Touch TO:CDR2
S.E.T.I. ‘Above Black‘ (repressing) C.D. 10/02 Ash Int. (R.I.P.) Ash M31
Legion ‘Zodiac’ 01/03 Auf Abwegen AATP11
Legion ‘Shapeshifting in Abalone’ Ltd. Ed. self-release Jan 2004 – deleted
S.E.T.I. ‘Sentient’ Ltd. Ed. self-release CD Jan 2004 – CD deleted – now digital only
Lagowski Digital Force Planning April 2004 HTz Records HTz004
S.E.T.I. & Si_COMM ‘Probe’ April 28th 2004 Vivo Records 2004 010
S.E.T.I. ‘Eleven’ – Internet-only (originally to be ‘Twelvomatic’)
Lagowski Temporary Distractions’ November 2006 Ars Benevola Mater ABM23
Lagowski ‘Redesine’ March 2009, Download only
S.E.T.I. ‘Corona’ June 2009 Loki Foundation/Power and Steel PAS24
Nagamatzu ‘Sacred Islands of the Mad’ November 2010 Dark Entries Records DE-009
S.E.T.I. ‘Baikal’ October 2011 Loki Foundation/Power and Steel PAS31

Nagamatzu ‘Igniting the Corpse’ April 2013 Motorcade Records CADE4LP
Nagamatzu ‘Shatter Days’ July 2013 Dark Entries Records DE-047
Lagowski ‘Redesine+’ October 2013 Zoharum Zohar 056-2

S.E.T.I. ‘Final Trajectory’ December 2013 Loki Foundation/Power and Steel PAS35
Geomatic | Lagowski ‘Cosmochemistry’ December 2013 M-tronic y39
Nagamatzu ‘Neural Interval’ October 2014 Zoharum Zohar 084-2
S.E.T.I. ‘The Geometry of Night with Companion – DBL CD‘ May 2015 Loki Foundation/Power and Steel PAS39
S.E.T.I. ‘The Data Logs of Astro Myrmex – Ltd Ed CD‘ June 2015 txt recordings txt21
dioXide (Bellucci/Lagowski) ‘Specular Mirrors CD‘ March 2016 Space Race Records SRRCD018
Nagamatzu ‘Above This Noise LP’ July 2016 Dark Entries Records DE-127

S.E.T.I. ‘The Guide Lockstars of Astro Myrmex – Ltd Ed CD‘ November 2016 txt recordings txt37
Clans of the Alphane Moon – ‘Mission Alpha III’ 12″ – September 2018 – Sleepers Records – Sleepers 008
S.E.T.I. ‘Sleep Environments for Interplanetary Travel’ 8 CD boxed set, December 2018 Loki Foundation/Power and Steel PAS43
Project Ghost – ‘Fractal Disruption’ 12″ – February 2020 – Aura Expansion – AEX03
Lagowski Secrets of Numbers’ April 2020 Zoharum ZOHAR 198-2
S.E.T.I. ‘The Sphere of Density’ June 2020 Zoharum ZOHAR 201-2
Lagowski April 2022 Danger! Robots and Melting!’
S.E.T.I. May 2022 OV_iSM’

Lagowski April 2023 Europa Plus (cassette) The Dark Outside TDO 074

Lagowski April 2023 Teratology (remastered double vinyl) Fill-Lex Records FLR-06

some selected compilations (there are many omissions):

S.E.T.I. – ‘Urban Storm Observation’ ‘Mesmer Variations’ cd comp. Ash 1.8cd2
Lagowski ‘The Psychophon’ (comp tk.) 1991 Total – Total 1
Lagowski ‘Time’ (comp. C.D. track) 7/92 Minus Habens/MHCD008
S.E.T.I. – ‘N=N’ ‘Antiphony’ cd comp. Ash 3.4 cd x 2
Legion ‘The Somnambulist’ (comp. C.D. track) 3/93 Dark Vinyl/DV20
Lagowski ‘Vection’ (comp C.D. trk) 12/93 MFTEQ93/1
Legion ‘Komarov’ (comp C.D. trk) 10/94 Hands/ 001
S.E.T.I. – ‘String Theory’ (remix) ‘Bassics’ promo cd comp. incoming! promo cd1
S.E.T.I. ‘String Theory’ (comp C.D. trk) 2/95 Incoming /Vers.2.1
Lagowski – ‘Transition’ ‘Eightracksaid’ cd comp. Hypnotism HT08
Lagowski/Yamanaka – ‘Rain’ ‘Statics’ Japanese cd comp. CCI recordings ccd25002
S.E.T.I. – ‘Knowledge’ ‘Touch Sampler‘ cd comp. T_zero_1
S.E.T.I. – ‘Metastorm’ ‘Ripples of Dub’ cd comp. Just Create Records, U.K. JCRACD007
Lagowski – ‘Screaming in Chains’ – ‘Paraphysical Cybertronics’ cd comp. Praxis 10 CD
Lagowski – ‘Artificial’ ‘Outer Space Communications Vol01’ Disturbance (Italy) DIS007
S.E.T.I. – ‘Vector’ ‘Outer Space Communications Vol01‘ Disturbance (Italy) DIS007
Scaremonger – ‘Soon We All Will have Special Names’ (remix) ‘OSC Vol02’ Disturbance DIS010
Scaremonger – ‘Soon We All Will have Special Names’ (remix) ‘Eurobeat 2000’ Vol1 Kickcd13
T.A.T. – ‘The Only Good God is a Dead God’ ‘The Third Mind’ cd comp. Third Mind Recs. TMCD50
Lagowski – ‘Artificial’ (unofficially edited) ‘Manikomio’ DFC (Italy) DFC148D
S.E.T.I. – ‘Aurora’ ‘Antitrade‘ cd comp. Ash 4.1
S.E.T.I. – ‘5 a.m.’ Ambient Northern Lights Vol.2 – Just Create Records, U.K. JCRACD010
Lagowski – ‘Rise’ Ambient Northern Lights Vol.2 – Just Create Records, U.K. JCRACD010
Lagowski – ‘Pervert’ Wreck This Mess – Remission 2 – Noise Museum NM072046/AD073
Legion – ‘Tunnelvision’ – Danza De La Muerte (R.I.P. Syntactic) – Klanggalerie gg50/syn62
Lagowski – two remixes on ‘Zenial Reworked’ – Vivo Records (2003) 008CD
S.E.T.I. ‘Found Failure’ on ‘Statement 1961’ special set – Ironflame.de if000

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