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Lagowski live at Super Deluxe, Tokyo. 22nd May 2012 – parts 1 to 5

June 6, 2012

With thanks to Sunao Inami.

S.E.T.I. live at 20 Jahre Loki Found, Leipzig, 17th December 2011

June 1, 2012

View the whole performance from S.E.T.I. at 20 Jahre Loki Found. December 17th 2011.

Legion, Lagowski and S.E.T.I. updates all in one

April 22, 2012

Thought I’d better update you on what’s going on at Camp Lagowski. On 22nd May 2012, there will be a Lagowski techno performance at Superdeluxe club in Roppongi, Tokyo, with Sunao Inami and others. On 28th May 2012, my dark ambient project ‘Legion’ will have its final performance at the Wave Gotik Treffen Festival in Leipzig. You can get more regular updates by visiting the ‘Andrew Lagowski Presents Legion’ page at Facebook, which is accessible via the Links page. Both shows will have new DVD material presented. Later this year (in October or November) I will be doing a S.E.T.I. performance in a church in Wuppertal, as presented by Martin of Phelios fame. Really looking forward to that one 🙂

Also later this year, hopefully in September, Legion’s debut album ‘False Dawn’ celebrates its 20th anniversary re-release as a double CD with remixes and hard to find Legion tracks. All of the remixes have been done and mastering is due to take place in Poland in June.

This year, we are also due to see the re-pressing of Nagamatzu’s ‘Sacred Islands of the Mad’ vinyl LP on Dark Entries records, thanks to the fantastic response by fans of dark shoegazing neo wave, whatever you want to call it.

Finally, a very exciting album project is underway with some great musician friends of mine. At the moment, this is top secret, but the sound is very deep and powerful and I think you’ll be blown away by the tracks when this project sees the light of day. We’ve been exchanging tracks via FTP and reworking each other’s sounds until we’re happy that the perfect dark hybrid has surfaced.

Live webcast Tuesday 26th evening – GMT

May 25, 2009

Live webcast from Lagowski HQ, Tuesday 26th night GMT, of sonic manipulation with Dean Whitbread et al. Stand by for updates and linkage.


March 21, 2009

The new Lagowski album is available from the following link ‘Redesine’. This is a download-only release, but the downloads can be of CD quality should you desire, enabling you to burn your own custom cd of new Lagowski material.

Lagowski 'Redesine'

Lagowski 'Redesine'

Live in Ravensburg – 30.11.93

October 18, 2008

Play loud

‘Legion’ project ends in ‘Burial of the Books’

March 16, 2008

I have decided to cease working under the name ‘Legion’ as I feel that the project has nothing left to say. The final offering as a way of saying goodbye is here at

The Stack

December 27, 2005

Over the last week or so I’ve been burning cdrs of almost all of my releases and scanning the covers of past 12″ singles and cds. Some people may also have noticed that my tracks have been disappearing from various mp3 sites around the web. The reason is that a new deal is in the offing which will make all of my back catalogue available in digital formats (including iTunes) – something I’m very excited about as it means that future releases will have the possibility of being available as digital-only. While many, including myself, enjoy the physical nature of records and cds, there is no doubt that we are entering the networked entertainment era at full speed.

Hell & back

December 11, 2005

After such a great gig in Wroclaw, everything computer-related went downhill very fast. My laptop had been exhibiting strange behaviour before I went to Poland, so I was backing up data every time I changed a track in Reason. The day after I returned from Poland the internal hard drive went bye-bye. I lost a lot of my programs and data but luckily had all of my Refills and tracks backed up, along with music work. Had to pay a large wedge for a new drive and spent a few hours last night installing it. Thanks to the wonderful Pbfixit and Superspares on Tooting High Street (!) who sold me a Torx 6 driver, I’m now typing this from my revitalised machine.

The bad was tempered somewhat by a nice surprise from Kurt Kurasaki. Namely, my copy of Power Tools for Reason 3, which he wrote. The cd within includes a track in Reason format by yours truly called ‘Mocean Beats’. You’ll need the most up-to-date version of Reason (currently 3.0.4) to play it back.

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