Guestmix by Andrew Lagowski

We are honored to present our latest Guestmix by Andrew Lagowski who has been making electronic music, evocative soundscapes and varying degrees of noise since the early 80’s. This also coincides with his birthday which is today! His selections are short but exceptionally honed in, including a sneak peek at a yet unreleased work of his own S.E.T.I. project – heard here for the first time!

Howard ShoreWelcome to Videodrome (1982)
Kurt KurasakiBeaxa (2016)
BradburyMemory Lane (2006)
Bad SectorFornace Solare (2017)
Spy broadcasts
S.E.T.I.Only Dust (forthcoming)

I have included tracks which either remained with me for many years, as inspiration, such as Howard Shore’s Videodrome work, or that signify my fascination with the darker and more ‘eroded’ aspects of human nature. Also included is a mix of one of the tracks from my forthcoming S.E.T.I. album (still in production), which…

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