Hell & back

After such a great gig in Wroclaw, everything computer-related went downhill very fast. My laptop had been exhibiting strange behaviour before I went to Poland, so I was backing up data every time I changed a track in Reason. The day after I returned from Poland the internal hard drive went bye-bye. I lost a lot of my programs and data but luckily had all of my Refills and tracks backed up, along with music work. Had to pay a large wedge for a new drive and spent a few hours last night installing it. Thanks to the wonderful Pbfixit and Superspares on Tooting High Street (!) who sold me a Torx 6 driver, I’m now typing this from my revitalised machine.

The bad was tempered somewhat by a nice surprise from Kurt Kurasaki. Namely, my copy of Power Tools for Reason 3, which he wrote. The cd within includes a track in Reason format by yours truly called ‘Mocean Beats’. You’ll need the most up-to-date version of Reason (currently 3.0.4) to play it back.

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