How was ‘Digital Force Planning’ made?

For those into music gear and how tracks were made, here is a tracklist from my HTz Records album including the primary method of construction.

01 Loop 9 (0’24”) Metasynth

02 Headlong 2 (3’34”) Reason

03 Machine vice (3’25”) Reason

04 Parallel 1 (8’45”) Hardware

05 Metaloop (4’38”) Hardware

06 Outside The Head (4’58”) Reason

07 Parallel 2 (8’41”) Hardware

08 Parallel 4 (5’00”) Reason

09 Recom Heavy Gear (5’41”) Rebirth

10 Get A Handle (4’45”) Reason

11 Recombination (2’03”) Rebirth

12 Rise (7’26”) Hardware

13 Puzzle (4,21″) Reason

14 Majestic (6’40”) Reason

15 Channel Ident (1,07″) Hardware

Hardware = Emax2, Yamaha CS6R, Waldorf Pulse, Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro mixer, EMU Morpheus, Roland JV1080, EMS SynthiA, Roland d110, Roland SVC350 Vocoder, Korg MS20.

DFP reviews in French

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3 Responses to “How was ‘Digital Force Planning’ made?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Got the chance to hear “Rise” last Sunday Night on Musical Starstreams. I fell in love with it and had to find it for myself.I love this new wave of music called chill. I really hope it catches on world wide.

    Tim Garrison
    Host of theOasis After Hours
    Smooth Jazz 107.5 The Oasis
    Dallas Texas

  2. Deek Deekster Says:

    The wonderful thing is that Mr Lagowski makes no mention of the inner turmoil, frenzied self-loathing and moral depravity that are the REAL ingredients of his darkly glorious ouvre.. how very very very. mechanistic. it isn’t.

    love etc xx

  3. Lagowski Says:

    Love you too Deek 🙂

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